This year we're going all out on Halloween night to provide a positive, safe, loving environment for our community.  We'll have game booths, prizes, treats, characters, story-time, and outreach.  This is a full commitment from ACF and we need a lot of volunteers.  

House churches and groups can sign up for specific booths.  They will be responsible for decorating to the theme, setting up the game, and operating the booth on that Sunday night.

We need individuals volunteers to serve at the event and those who can help with building sets, painting, sewing costumes, crafting props, and setting up prior to the event.
We'll also need candy donations and other items.  This list may grow as we determine needs, so check back on the registration page for details as we get closer to the event.

Booth Options
Beaversdam: Fishing booth
Cair Paravel: Pumpkin Bowling
The Great River: Cake walk

[Aslan’s Camp]
Aslan’s Tent: Photo Booth
The Dryad’s Tent: Decorate a mask (masquerade eye mask).

[The White Witch’s House]
The Room of Statues: Treasure hunt
The Throne Room: Ring toss
The Dungeon: Paint darts

The Stone Table: The Gospel Booth
The Story Booth: 3-4 individuals to volunteer to read The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe out loud to kids.
Father Christmas’ Sleigh: Raffle tickets and Prizes Booth
Mr. Tumnus’ House: Hand out Food and Drinks