House Churches

At Ashland Christian Fellowship, we desire genuine connection and fellowship.  It's especially important during our current situation where "stay at home" restrictions have lead to feelings of isolation and a sense of disconnection.  In Acts, the newly formed church grew and multiplied through the regular gathering of believers in each other's homes.  While we look forward to meeting again as a whole congregation on Sunday mornings, we want everyone who attends ACF to be connected with a small group of fellow believers that they can do life with.  Our house churches are a part of our regular ministry even as we meet in person again.  If you are interested in starting a house church in your home, please fill out our House Church Questionnaire so we can start the process with you.

Hosting a House Church

What does it take to host a house church?  Right now we're encouraging everyone to invite friends, family, neighbors...whoever you can fit in your own home and watch the Sunday service together.  If you don't have room in your home, call up a friend or family member and see if you can come watch at their house.  
In the future,  we will be launching a more formal house church ministry, but for now we just want to get out of isolation, gather, fellowship, and grow together in Christ.

One of our elders, Jon Peterson, shares great information on how to practice safety while hosting or attending a house church in the video to the left.

If you need more information, would like some help connecting with a house church, or have room to invite those who may be looking for an opening, please fill out a Connect Card and let us know.  We want to help everyone find a place to fellowship together.