Common Questions

What requirements are there to be an intern?

To be an intern, you must believe in Jesus, have a desire to grow closer to Him and want to learn more about serving and ministry. You must also be able to work well with others as community is an important part of this internship.

How long does the Internship last?

We ask that you commit to one full year.  Our internship can last up to two years and we encourage those who are able to serve for the full time!

Do I need to attend your church to be an intern there?

Yes! We want all of our interns to be available for our weekly church gatherings to help in the different ministries they choose to serve in. We also love to have interns who believe in the vision of our church and the calling God has for us.

Can I take time off?

Of course! We want you to have freedom to be able to go travel and/or see your families. However, we ask that you would not miss too many weeks in a row so that you can effectively serve in your chosen ministries.

Do we get paid?

This varies by individual. We have limited availability rooms at the church for the guys, which include a shared large kitchen, a shower/bathroom, and a washer/dryer. We know how expensive living in Ashland can be, so for some this is a great option. For the ladies, (and for guys once the rooms are filled) we provide a small stipend to help with living expenses on or near campus.