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Sunday Service at 10:30 AM Inside the Sanctuary


Sunday Service at 10:30 AM Inside the Sanctuary

We are a church located in Ashland, Oregon! The Lord has blessed us with a beautiful location in the heart of Ashland to worship, fellowship and study God's Word together. When others ask what kind of a church we are, we often answer with "We are a church committed to Jesus." There are four S's that drive the overarching theme for our church:

  • Saved - We believe and rejoice in the salvation of others! Every week at our church we give an opportunity for people to receive Jesus as their Lord. And we rejoice together for that! 
  • Surrounded - We want everyone in our church to feel supported and loved. This sense of tangible community happens through our various ministries and small groups.
  • Serving - We are a church that serves! We seek not to be only inward focused, but to be outward focused, looking for ways to help and support our community.
  • Sent - Sometimes God calls us on! Some are called to be missionaries, to start other churches, or simply move to a new town. We want to be a church that sends people out with love and support as God calls them to something new. 

We welcome anyone and everyone to come see what Jesus is doing in our church! Will you be a part of our community??
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